Sentinel Hub December 2022 Improvements

Hi Users,

As part of Sentinel Hub’s continuous quest for excellence, we will be introducing a few changes and improvements on Monday, December 5th, 2022.

1. Support for signed integer output options for TIFF files!

If you are outputting TIFF files, INT8 and INT16 will become valid sampleType values in your evalscript. Note that currently setting sampleType to INT8 or INT16 defaults to UINT8 and UINT16. In case you might be using those please check your scripts and correct them; if your scripts are currently using these incorrect values the outputs will change for you. Where applicable, you simply need to change INT8 to UINT8 and INT16 to UINT16 to maintain current behavior.

2. Better default DEM!

We have introduced support for Copernicus DEM some time ago and after recent improvements of the dataset we have realized that this DEM has the best overall quality, in terms of consistency over all land surface.

This is why we decided to change the default demInstance for DEM requests from MAPZEN to COPERNICUS_30 if requested on the AWS eu-central deployment. Note that on AWS us-west2 the default stays MAPZEN and on CREODIAS the default stays COPERNICUS_30 as only those DEM instances are available on those deployments.

If you are using the default (missing demInstance parameter or Default selected in the Configurator) and would prefer to keep the DEM instance unchanged, please do prepare your requests with the demInstance parameter set to MAPZEN, alternatively select this option in the Configurator.

3. Better default DEM for Sentinel-1 processing!

Similarly to the previous point, the default demInstance for processing Sentinel-1 requests with terrain correction (orthorectification) is also changing from MAPZEN to COPERNICUS on the AWS eu-central deployment. To precisely control which DEM you wish to be used, simply set the demInstance parameter, or select this option in the Configurator.

Happy processing,
The Sentinel Hub team


Improvements are now deployed

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