Sentinel Hub | HTTP Error 400: Bad Request

Hello everyone,

I am a Network of Resources member. Yesterday and today I ordered some Pleiades satellite data and the orders were successful (checked already in the sentinel-hub “request builder” and on the “EO browser”).

Afterwards I started downloading the data via the script (attached underneath) and everything worked well.

One hour ago, using the same script (changing only the polygon coordinates) I started to receive a “400 Bad Request Response” (screenshot attached).

Kindly I would like to know if there is an issue on the sentinel-hub side or if I have some limitations for downloading data.

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards

Hi @iacopo.testi,
could you clarify, which request exactly you are making, receiving this error?

We did notice an error on Airbus side today, preventing the search of the imagery in TPDI API, before the order. Is this it?

The access to the data that you have already ordered, should be OK.


Dear @iacopo.testi,

the error on the Airbus side, that prevented search for new data, was fixed.
Can you try again, to see, whether this was an issue in your case as well?