Sentinel-hub Image API

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Introducing Me, I am ‘Prasanth Kumar S’ working as Software Developer for one of the P&C insurance company based in USA.
I am doing research on creating P&C claims based on satellite image in case of disaster period.
I had impressed when seeing API Examples in, it is exactly matching what I am looks for. Thank you for the examples.

From my system, I will get BBOX values dynamically but when I replace that value in the given URL it is showing empty screen, I am not sure what is wrong.
URL -,47.3133,-175.9871,55.3133&LAYERS=TRUE_COLOR&MAXCC=20&WIDTH=320&HEIGHT=320&FORMAT=image/jpeg&TIME=2020-01-29

In addition to the above following BBOX values tried,
-183.9871 -175.9871 47.3133 55.3133
-180.233144553441 -154.233144553441 -34.2942521012894 -8.29425210128938

Could you please check the above URL and let us know what needs to be corrected ? Thank you very much your help will be greatly appreciated !!!

Prasanth Kumar S

Your request is missing a CRS parameter, e.g.:
You will also have to reduce the BBOX quite a bit to get data. Check also:

Thank you it works.

Is there any way to get image by passing single geocode pair instead of double ?

Example = BBOX=-183.9871,47.3133&LAYERS=TRUE_COLOR

No, this is not possible.
BBOX goes for “bounding box”, see more about it here:

Thank You,
I have bbox with corresponding polygon from my system.

I would require to get images (for each polygon ) accessing above URL.
could you please guide constructing the URL ?

bbox = -84.7142 -76.7142 14.9457 22.9457

polygon =


image 1 - 18.045000000000005,-80.747
image 2 - 18.045000000000005,-80.714
image 3- 18.045000000000005,-80.681

Perhaps this would be of use:

Thanks for your inputs.

I will be accessing the URL (****) directly from JAVA application to get the image.
I don’t think that i can use (import geometry) from JAVA code.

Is the above BBOX and polygons not formatted correctly ? Can’t use the same as prams on URL ?

I was nto referring to the code itself, but to explanations on how to generate WKT geometry.