Sentinel Hub Process API APP/JSON problem

Hello all, I am using the eval script mentioned in this topic I want to save the request in APP/JSON format. In the eval script, I changed the response type to “Application/JSON” but still got the same error as shown in the screenshot.
Please help!


The error you are getting is telling you that you cannot output to application/json a script that uses AUTO sampleType. Actually no sampleTypes will work in this way… This is because the output application/json is designed to output metadata information in the form of text, not pixel values. See this example as an illustration: you can copy it to the Request Preview section in Requests Builder and click on parse for a better understanding.

Could you explain what you are expecting from the script as an output? If you are trying to get statistical information about you area of interest, I would recommend you take a look at our dedicated API.

Hey, thanks for your reply.
I was actually practicing batch processing using this example notebook
Here Instead of the “california_crop_fields.geojson” area, I want to use my area of interest
[ -17.5243318352, 14.6513646841, -17.4110353264,14.7669254112]. as geojson file.

The option you were selecting was for the output not the input. I’m assuming you are still using the Requests Builder: in that case, you can upload your geojson using the window on the right: