Sentinel-hub process API documentation

When looking at this link -

I can see examples of process API for Sentinel-1.
When I look at this example: S1GRD orthorectified linear gamma0 VV, ascending orbit direction, GeoTIFF in EPSG:32648 (UTM zone 48N)

I can see for example the property: “backCoeff”: “GAMMA0_ELLIPSOID”.

Is there any documentation where I can see which other options I can use for the property “backCoeff”? or any other property for that matter (e.g., orbitDirection or polarization )?

Dear @ranpelta,

For each of the collections on Sentinel Hub we structured the documentation in a way that there is a maing page with a lot of info and text and the examples on a subpage (the links you shared).

You can find the processing options on the main page here. On this page you will find other info concerning S1 GRD collection (e.g. available bands and data, query extensions).


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