Sentinel Hub subscription has stopped populating our account


We have a subscription with Sentinel Hub to get Planet Lab imagery. For some reason, our subscription is not populating our account with new imagery. As of today (Aug 29th), the last date we have imagery available is July 16th. Could you take a look at our account and help us troubleshoot this issue?

Our account is under: rodrigo@*****


Hi Rodrigo,
I believe that your PlanetScope AUM subscription has expired.

Hi Grega,

I can confirm that our PlanetScope subscription is active. Can you check and see if there aren’t any other issues?

The PlanetScope AUM subscription, which you’ve had via Sentinel Hub, did expire, as mentioned above.
Are you possibly using your own API key? If so, do check if the PS subscriptions were made with this API key, or with the old one, the one that expired?