Sentinel Pixel Size seems incorrect when downloaded


I am attempting to download imagery at 100m pixel res, when I open it in Qgis it seems off and is only around 75m.

I tried a few other sizes and they also seem off so a little confused if it is how I am attempting to download an image.

Attached is an example of a pixel.

Am I looking at this wrong or ??

Appreciate any assistance on this.


Hi David,

I’m not currently able to replicate your error with the pixel resolution. Is this caused by the projection you are viewing the data in QGIS? Sometimes, if there is a difference between the data projection and the project projection in QGIS, there can be issues.

In addition, what is the resolution of the raster in the metadata you can find in QGIS?

It may also be worth building the WMS request in our Request Builder tool, where you can test further if you still have issues.

@william.ray thankyou for the quick reply.

Firstly I must say thankyou, my experience with QGIS is somewhat limited to picking up a couple of tricks along the way.

Reason it was different - :blush: I neglected to change the projection after working on something else…

Now as I check it is all correct :slight_smile:

I have recently looks at the builder so will look at spending some more time on it to understand it better.

Many thanks

No worries David, glad that I could help! We have all been there with QGIS and projections :slight_smile: It can be really easy getting lost when dealing with multiple datasets.

Sometimes, opening a brand new project and starting afresh is the solution to all your problems!