Sentinel request is not returning data

Does any body knows if Sentinel is down? 'cause yesterday I did some request and everything was okay, but know my script doesn’t return a response.

Hi Edwin,

could you please provide more information,
what process are you running and what errors do you receive, does the request time out ?
then we can help you check what is going amiss

Yea, sure! Actually I’m running an stats request, yesterday I did the same request and everything was okay, I got and answer from server, but today, I’m running the same request and I get a time out error.

I tried changing the credential, but i don’t get another response.

Just to say that I tried Statistical API request in the Request Builder and it works perfectly fine.


  • one thing to check is the time range you are requesting data for, requesting data for longer time for example 2 years at aggregation interval of 1 day , the request will most likely time out . If that is the case could you try a shorter time range ?