Sentinel1 data returning all 1s and 0s

Im using python wcs function to ectract sentinel 1 data with custom script
return [2VV,VH2,Math.max(0, Math.log(VV) * 0.21714724095 + 1),Math.max(0, Math.log(VH) * 0.21714724095 + 1)];
but my output is returning all ones and zeros.
its working fine for sentinel 2with custom script
return [B01,B02,B03,B04,B05,B06,B07,B08,B8A,B09,B10,B11,B12];
i wonder why??
wm_S1 = WcsRequest(layer=layer1,
imgs_v_h = wm_S1.get_data()

It’s unfortunately not possible to help you with the info you have provided, there are simply too many things, that can go right or wrong.

I would recommend that you use process API and V3 script, so that you control the flow of information precisely.
If you still have problems, send us an example of the request and we will look into it.

This is my configuration layer for sentinel 1.

And this is my code in python.for sentinel2 its working fine but not for sentinel 1.its returning 1s and 0s

Sorry, but it is not possible to do any kind of analysis using the (partial) screenshots. Please follow my instructions above.

That being said, I would recommend you check this blog post as I think there is a decent chance that your coordinates are in wrong order:
Not sure however, how it is possible that “it works for Sentinel-2” - might it be that you get same (wrong) results there?