Sentinel1 wms requests empty

Hi there,
Currently I’m trying to use Sentinel1 data via Sentinelhub.
I use the following configuration in the configuration Utility:
@id”: “”,
“id”: “SENTINEL1”,
“title”: “SENTINEL1”,
“description”: “”,
“styles”: [
“name”: “default”,
“description”: “Default layer style”,
“evalScript”: “return [2*VV];”,
“dataProduct”: {}
“orderHint”: 0,
“instance”: {
“dataset”: {
@id”: “
“datasetSource”: {
@id”: “
“defaultStyleName”: “default”,
“datasourceDefaults”: {
“type”: “S1GRD”,
“timeRange”: {
“startTime”: {
“type”: “ABSOLUTE”
“endTime”: {
“type”: “ABSOLUTE”
“mosaickingOrder”: “mostRecent”,
“maxCloudCoverage”: 100,
“temporal”: false,
“resolution”: “HIGH”,
“acquisitionMode”: “IW”,
“polarization”: “DV”
“instanceId”: “”,
“layerId”: “SENTINEL1”,
“userData”: {}

In the preview option within the configuration utility I see that there is indeed data available above the Netherlands. However when I request an image via the sentinel-py package in the follwoing manner

layer = ‘SENTINEL1’
wms_bands_request = WmsRequest(data_folder=data_folder, layer=layer, bbox=bbox, time=window,
width=width, height=height,

wms_img = wms_bands_request.get_data(save_data=True)

I only get black tiff files that are 1 everywhere. What am I doing wrong?
Is there a working example for sentinel-py with sentinel1? I was only able to find examples for Sentinel2.

Hi @m.jiang.cs,

Please check here for a working example for Sentinel-1:

Basically you have to set parameter data_source=DataSource.SENTINEL1_IW so that also Python package knows that layer with name 'SENTINEL1' is defined with Sentinel-1 source.

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