Sentinel2 GEOMETRY and BBOX and ROI must intersect

Good afternoon,

I am having some issues accessing images with Sentinel2. I have been working with my code to download images from Sentinel2 and 5P for a while now, and I wanted to expand my analysis to other regions of Europe, Africa and South America (I have mainly focused on the Canary Islands until now). But now when I change the BBOX to cover with WMSRequest or WCSRequest, it gives me this error:

Server response: "Parameter GEOMETRY and BBOX and the instance area of interest (if set) must intersect!"

I assumed it may be because the new areas of interest that I tried first (Sahara and South America) maybe were not covered by Sentinel2 for the dates I chose (although I mainly do my first tests with ‘latest’ time interval), but I tried with central and northern Europe too, and I get the same message.

I tried different BBOX areas of the same regions, different sizes, different dates, but with no avail.

My code is:

bbox = BBox(bbox=[7.619019,47.582084,8.519897,48.451066], crs=CRS.WGS84)
request = WmsRequest(data_source = DataSource.SENTINEL2_L1C,
** layer=‘TRUE-COLOR-S2-L1C’,**
** data_folder=data_folder,**
** bbox=bbox,**
** time=‘latest’, **
** width=512,**
** config=config,**
** custom_url_params={CustomUrlParam.MINQA:75},**
** maxcc=maxcc,**
** image_format=MimeType.TIFF_d32f,**
** )**

Could this be an issue with the new regions? I am sure all of Europe (and most of the world) is covered by Sentinel2, and I doubt that these regions I am trying are not covered by it. Or maybe I am missing something?

Thank you and kind regards!


I tried out the code that you have posted above and managed to retrieve data for the coordinates specified (7.619019,47.582084,8.519897,48.451066). There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the code you have posted. The server response message you are getting could be caused by your instance in your dashboard having some Map bounds specified, and you are querying data outside the bounds.

You could either check the map bounds (see screenshot below) or you could try with a new Configuration in your dashboard (you can base it on the Sentinel 2 L1C template).

Screenshot from 2020-06-03 15-37-19

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Dear Maxim,

Thanks a lot, that was exactly the problem. I remember now that I specified a certain Map Bound in my dashboard to do some tests, and I totally forgot about it. I cleared it and tried my code, worked like a charm.

Thank you again, and kind regards! :slight_smile: