Sentinel2_L2A Download Error

I am trying to download NDVI from the Sentinel2_L2A data collection using the WCSRequest. I have inputted a date and bbox and have created an NDVI layer in the cofiguration utility of sentinelhub. I am receiving an error 400 for it. I am attaching the code and error for better understanding.

wcs_true_color_request = WcsRequest(
    data_collection  = DataCollection.SENTINEL2_L2A,
    data_folder = '/Users/sid/Documents/WATER_STRESS/ET/SENTINEL_PRODUCTS/NDVI',
    layer = 'NDVI',
    bbox = bbox,
    time = date,
    resx = '10m',
    resy = '10m',
    image_format = MimeType.TIFF,
    custom_url_params = {
        CustomUrlParam.SHOWLOGO: False
    config = config
wcs_true_color_img = wcs_true_color_request.get_data()  
NDVI = wcs_true_color_img[-1]
DownloadFailedException: Failed to download from:
with HTTPError:
400 Client Error: Bad Request for url:
Server response: "Requesting only remote collections is not allowed. At least one requested collection must be hosted by the API endpoint. Please use one of the following endpoints with your request:"

The error is suggesting I use the endpoint which an endpoint for USWEST deployments. Sentinel2_L2A comes under the EU deployment which uses ‘’ endpoint.

Why am i receiving the following error??



I was not able to replicate the error that you are receiving. Are you using the instructions from these examples?

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