Sentinel5P Level2 Products directly usable from SentinelHub?

Hello there,
One quick question, although i think the answer is straight-forward: the products of Sentinel5P available in SentinelHub are all level L2, is that correct? Could you indicate me which processing steps have been carried out to reach to this level? I am assuming they have been processed as stated on the ESA Technical Guides of Sentinel5P and TROPOMI, but I want to make sure. I am in particular interested in the NO2 layer.

The final question I want to answer with this query is, can I use the NO2 data downloaded with SentinelHub directly to do my research, or should I process it in some way?

Thank you and kind regards!

You are right, these are processed by ESA in line with the documents you mention.

In general you can use them directly, but it depends on your research requirements.