Sentinelhub/Eolearn: SentinelHubInputTask error

I am following this tutorial :
I have a problem when I get to: SentinelHubInputTask.
The error is as follows: init() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘data_collection’
I have not found anything on this topic yet. Is there any solution you could think about?

Hello Theo,

The update of eo-learn subpackages on conda-forge hasn’t been triggered with the last release. A non-updated package is therefore causing the code to fail. We are investigating why that is the case.

In the meantime, you can easily fix the problem by running the following command in your conda environment: pip install eo-learn-io eo-learn-coregistration eo-learn-features eo-learn-geometry eo-learn-mask --upgrade

This should ensure that all the sub-packages are up-to-date (v 0.8.0) and the Jupyter Notebook should run just fine.

An other solution is to create a new environment (I tested in Python=3.7) and then install eo-learn with the following command: pip install 'eo-learn==0.8.0’

This will ensure that eo-learn has all the submodules at the correct version.


Hello, thanks for the quick answer.

I have done what you advised me to do, and I now face the following issues :
- If I use the first connection option :
config = SHConfig()
config.instance_id = INSTANCE_ID
config.sh_client_id = CLIENT_ID
config.sh_client_secret = CLIENT_SECRET
if config.sh_client_id == ‘’ or config.sh_client_secret == ‘’ or config.instance_id == ‘’:
print(“connection échouée”)> Blockquote
I get this error : ValueError: During execution of task SentinelHubInputTask: Instance ID is not set.
- If I use the other connection option :,
I get this other error : CustomOAuth2Error: (During execution of task SentinelHubInputTask: ({‘status’: 400, ‘reason’: ‘Bad Request’, ‘message’: ‘Illegal client_id’, ‘code’: ‘OAUTH_ERROR’}) )

I do not know if it matters, but as a student I have a free account (30 day trial)