Sentinelhub package - Searching a area of interest

Hi! Just arrived here, don’t hesitate to tell me if I’m doing things wrong.

Question 1: With the Sentinelhub package, is there a way to search for images intersecting a certain area (not a bbox) of interest before downloading them ?

Question 2: Still with the Sentinelhub package, is there a way to preview images footprints before downloading them ?

Thanks !

Very important question.

Short answer: yes.
A bit longer answer: it requires Sentinel-Hub account, some additional packages and some setting up. We have a blog post about it in preparation.

If you are not in hurry, follow, otherwise let me know and I’ll drop a notebook.


Hi Jonas,
Please find the notebook here:
It will at least allow you to preview imagery.

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does the sentinelhub package support downloading atmospherically corrected Sentinel-2 products (level L2A) from the s3://sentinel-s2-l2a aws bucket?
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Yes it does, check this post

Hi @lilycolins1020,

sentinelhub Python package does support download of Sentinel-2 L2A products from s3 bucket. Please check examples how to download data via Python API and examples how to download data via command line. As you can see download of L1C and L2A data works in the same way. In some cases of L2A you also have to specify the data source parameter (which is by default set to L1C).