SentinelHub Plugin in QGIS problem

I experience problem with QGIS SentinelHub plugin. I login in SentinelHub, I zoom in to parcel, I select product, create it, everything is fine, when when I try to change the date and update/create new date’s imagery, it does not change, the old one stays. I can even remove the layer of the imagery and create a new, the first one (older) appears. Did anyone else experienced this?

Hi @GiedriusK,

The plugin only displays the same acquisition because (I) the settings for the Time range have no selected end date, and (II) the Image priority is set to Most recent, which then defaults to the latest acquisition in your AOI. You can tick the box underneath the Time range parameter to only display exact dates instead of a time range, which should solve your problem. If you want the plugin to perform mosaicking over a specific time range, try setting an end date and change the Image priority parameter to your liking.

These functionalities are also described in our documentation here.

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