SentinelHub Python Library not working

I was using the sentinelhub library in python to download satellite images and their values, however it’s no longer working (code fails at the second line where i import sentinelhub)
Has anything changed in the last 3 or 4 weeks regarding that library?

"CRSError: invalid projection: epsg:4326: (Internal Proj Error: proj_create: SQLite error on SELECT name, type, coordinate_system_auth_name, coordinate_system_code, datum_auth_name, datum_code, area_of_use_auth_name, area_of_use_code, text_definition, deprecated FROM geodetic_crs WHERE auth_name = ? AND code = ?: no such column: area_of_use_auth_name)

Hi @Olisur

Could you share a bit more info about your setup? (Operating system, Python environment, sentinelhub package version)

Perhaps try upgrading to the latest version first… (e.g. pip install sentinelhub --upgrade)

I’m using Windows 10, Jupyter notebook (anaconda) and i upgraded to the latest version but still i got the same error while trying to import the library

Hmm. I don’t have such a setup to try, but googling around, the error seems to be connected pyproj installation. There are some gotchas described here.

Hi, I’m new to python and jupyter notebooks, but I managed to install sentinelhub and configure . If I load the package I receive the same error as @Olisur - did you manage to get it working again?

Following your link @batic what should I fill in in pyproj.datadir.get_data_dir() (I’m assuming this is in the prompt?) ?

I got it to work. I uninstalled all python related programmes and libs and started with a clean slate.