SentinelHubCatalog - Sentinel5P Collection not found

Hi, I have a generic Python class to explore available imagery using the SentinelHubCatalog and works fine with Sentinel 1 and Sentinel 2 (L1C and L2A) but it fails with other collections such as Sentinel 5P or Sentinel 3 with a message error:

Captura de pantalla 2023-04-17 a las 15.19.32

Any idea on what might be happening? Thanks.

Hi @juan_earthpulse ,

The Sentinel 5P and Sentinel-3 are deployed at CreoDIAS.

Please set the sh_base_url to as shown in the cell 7 of the documentation (see here for more details).

Thanks, setting the url manually works fine. Nevertheless the response does not include thumbnails of the images, can we obtain them in any other way? Thanks.

Trying to download CO product at 5 km resolution in several AOIs but getting nan values to all pixels (same for other products like NO2 or CH4). This is my script

            function setup() {
                return {
                    input: [{
                        bands: ["CO","dataMask"],
                        units: "DN"
                    output: {
                        bands: 2,
                        sampleType: "FLOAT32"

            function evaluatePixel(sample) {
                return [sample.CO,sample.dataMask];

Hi @juan_earthpulse ,

S5P does not have a thumbnail, but you can look at the thumbnail of S3 with the href of the thumbnail returned from the catalog api.

When downloading S5P data, note that the time range is clipped to start at most 24 hours before the to date-time. Could you please try to specify the time range to the exact date which has the acquisition and then make a request again? If you still get nan in the response, please share your curl request and we will have a look at it.

Hi, using the date in the to seems to work in some cases now (I am using EOBrowser to check available images, which is difficult since a lot of dates have missing data).

I do not understand however your response to the thumbnail, should I check Sentinel 3 thumbnails to know Sentinel 5P availability?


Hi @juan_earthpulse ,

What I mean regarding the thumbnail is that there is no thumbnail for S5P, which is the same if you try to search on SciHub.

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