SentinelHubInputTask for Sentinel 1


I am supposed to use SentinelHubInputTask to retrieve the Sentinel 1 data. However, I could not find any example which can help me to set the parameters. I wonder if there anyone which I can use for?

Thank you in advance for your help

Hi @bvs,

SentinelHubInputTask doesn’t support Sentinel-1 yet. But there are alternatives:

  • One option is to use S1IWWMSInput or S1IWWCSInput tasks instead, which will collect data from Sentinel Hub OGC service.
  • Another option is to use sentinelhub.SentinelHubRequest class, which interacts with Processing API service, to query Sentinel-1 data like described here and then create a new EOTask that would write results of SentinelHubRequest into an EOPatch.
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See also this post: Sentinel-1 generating KeyError from SentinelHubRequest.input_data

Bumping on that topic, is there something new regarding S1/ SentinelHubInputTask ?
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Hi @jlavarenne,

In the latest eo-learn version 0.8.0 this has been significantly improved and now SentinelHubInputTask supports all data sources/collections, including Sentinel-1.

The main parameter of SentinelHubInputTask for specifying type of data is data_collection. E.g. for Sentinel-1 IW data you can specify data_collection=DataCollection.SENTINEL1_IW.

Thanks for your reply @maleksandrov,
Other than data_collection is there a way to pass processing options as presented in in order to access orthorectified data and backscatter coefficient ?
From what i understand in the eo-learn documentation it seems doable by passing a dict with the argument aux_request_args. Do you have any example of use ?
Thanks in advance,

Yes, parameter aux_request_args is the correct parameter. It takes a dictionary of additional arguments structured in the same way as in Processing API documentation under input -> data section of the request schema. Example:

    'dataFilter': {
        'acquisitionMode': 'SM'
    'processing': {
        'backCoeff': 'BETA0',
        'orthorectify': True
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Working good ! Thank you @maleksandrov