SentinelHubPlugin does not download Sentinel1

Good morning to everybody,
I am trying to download the Sentinel1 images of Reunion Island (-21.5083°N,55.4012°E) of the last 4 months without success whilst Sentinel2 are available.
Please, can you check the problem? On Copernicus browser they are available.
Many thanks, Gregorio.

Hi Gregorio,

For any Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem related questions, please use their community forum:

This includes using Sentinel Hub APIs on the Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem endpoint. Also, when you do share, please include screenshots and the steps you have taken so the team can help debug what is going wrong.

Can you be more specific on the issue?
I can find Sentinel-1 images in EO Browser as well:

Good morning Grega,
I am using SentinelHub plugin v.2.0.2 to download Copernicus images in QGIS.
I have seen that images are available in Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem, but plugin does’t show them.
Many thanks, Greg