SentinelHubRequest by image id

I couldn’t find in the documentation / examples how to request a specific image id. I would have a guess that it is something that could be provided to “other_args” when making a request, but I can’t see what would be valid here. I am using the Python API for information.

To expand on what I am trying to do: I have implemented a search of the catalogue using SentinelHubCatalog to return a list of images meeting my criteria, I would then like to make my own selection from the list of images before going ahead and requesting the specific image for my AOI. I.e. provide SentinelHubRequest with simply an image id (e.g. ‘S1A_IW_GRDH_1SDV_20220728T175006_20220728T175031_044304_05499D_AFAE’) and a bounding box. Any guidance on meeting this aim would be very much appreciated!

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for the question, this is not something that is possible with the Sentinel Hub APIs as they were purposefully designed to eliminate the “scene by scene” approach. This has been answered before helpfully here :slight_smile:

Of course if you specifically want a single acquisition then you can be very specific with the time and date range used in your request, that will ensure that the image returned is exactly the acquisition that you require.