Server response: "UUID string too large"


i’m trying to help another person who use trial account to use sentinel hub py on order to get access to images.
we have floolowed the instructions here but still we didn’t manage to be able to run wms request. We recieved the following message:

DownloadFailedException: Failed to download from:’-----933a-f81124c951d6’?SERVICE=wfs&WARNINGS=False&REQUEST=GetFeature&TYPENAMES=DSS2&BBOX=31.429645776655555%2C34.47594249242568%2C31.47743897301357%2C34.565763657554974&OUTPUTFORMAT=application%2Fjson&SRSNAME=EPSG%3A4326&TIME=2018-04-01T00%3A00%3A00Z%2F2018-07-31T23%3A59%3A59Z&MAXCC=30.0&MAXFEATURES=100&FEATURE_OFFSET=0
with HTTPError:
404 Client Error: Not Found for url:’-----933a-f81124c951d6’?SERVICE=wfs&WARNINGS=False&REQUEST=GetFeature&TYPENAMES=DSS2&BBOX=31.429645776655555%2C34.47594249242568%2C31.47743897301357%2C34.565763657554974&OUTPUTFORMAT=application%2Fjson&SRSNAME=EPSG%3A4326&TIME=2018-04-01T00%3A00%3A00Z%2F2018-07-31T23%3A59%3A59Z&MAXCC=30.0&MAXFEATURES=100&FEATURE_OFFSET=0
Server response: “UUID string too large”

There is here previous message posted by me with the same error, however, this time I beleive I put the client ID and the client secret properly.

another hint regard the problem : in the previous post I was using server, now i’m using personal pc to conenct to your api, but I don’t know if it coould change something.

How can I fix it? if needed I can send the id’s privatly.


You have ’ signs around your ID.
If you remove them, the request returns results.

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@monja.sebela I see what you mean but i’m still confused.
First of all- because I aways put the id between ’ ’ and it worked (also tried it now on the server with another user) and secondly because is still doesn’t work.
I have removed it and got the same error and also I have put the ’ ’ .

I don’t understand what you mean. The request works and returns results when ’ sign is removed. Does the edited request I sent you not work for you in URL?

The edited request you sent me work (if I click on th elink I see it worked). However if I want to run any request from my jupyter lab, I can’t. I removed the ’ , replaced it with ’ , yet, can’t get results and get the same error

It would be best if you send in the whole Python code that’s relevant to the request (or even the whole notebook), so I can check what’s up.
Also, it’s best to mask the configuration ID before posting. I already masked the already posted ones.

There might be some peculiarity of the specific Jupyter Lab’s settings. What is clear, though, is that the Python is sending requests with one additional charachter at the end of the instance ID, as @monja.sebela mentioned.
I suggest to try to tweak the configuration until you don’t see “f81124c951d6?” in the erro logs.

what do you mean by tweak the configuration?

If you post the whole configuration ID into the forum, someone could use it to make requests and spend your PU. It’s not likely, but just in case. I masked it, if you check above.

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UPDATE: it worked after restart my kernel, if someone wonders. thanks for the help

I have now changed the code to be inside " " instead of ’ ’ , so when it send it now it looks like this (fake id) :

The value of parameter 'sh_client_id' was updated to 'another_id'
The value of parameter 'sh_client_secret' was updated to 'secret'
The value of parameter 'instance_id' was updated to 'some_id'

instead of having the ids like this:

The value of parameter 'sh_client_id' was updated to ''another_id''
The value of parameter 'sh_client_secret' was updated to ''secret''
The value of parameter 'instance_id' was updated to ''some_id''

yet same issue… :frowning: