Service combining Landsat and Sentinel data

Is it possible to generate an image viewing service in WMS Configurator that combines Sentinel and Landsat data in the same service?
The idea would be, for example, to generate the false color visualization service for a wide area (a country for example) for one or several days, combining the available Landsat and Sentinel data.
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Hi Blanca,

this is a very cool idea, but unfortunately not possible yet. We will put it on our feature list as it would make a lot of sense.
For the moment you need to have two separate layers (can be in one WMS configuration) and then choose between them

Hello !
Allow me a bump of this topic : what about the integration of the Harmonized Landsat Sentinel-2 product from NASA ?

We are waiting for USGS to start distributing this on AWS cloud, which should happen in the next couple of months.

Very good, thanks for your answer ! They are already doing it on Azure, but only for North America…