does not return response


I send POST request to this url:{instance_id}?SERVICE=wfs&REQUEST=GetFeature&TYPENAMES=DSS2&BBOX=37.84371533994969%2C32.57871150970459%2C37.85167898844251%2C32.590341567993164&OUTPUTFORMAT=application%2Fjson&SRSNAME=CRS:84&TIME=2019-01-01T00%3A00%3A00%2F2020-01-01T23%3A59%3A59

Here instance_id is my apikey from the sentinelhub. I send this request with OAUTH2 token which I got from with my client-id and client secret. It was working fine until 14.52 (Istanbul time). However it stopped working for some reason. My current processing unit stats are as following:

is it because of my remanining PUs?

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Additionally, I cannot access my sentinel-hub dashboard and seems to me as my IP is blocked. Is it possible?

Have you tried to refresh the access token? It expires after 1 hour.

I do not believe you are blocked. Can you try from another browser?

Yes I renewed the access token, still no luck. I cannot login to dashboard with my home wi-fi, but with my mobile internet, it logins.

I retried the request, it worked now. I didn’t resolve the issue, is it possible that the was not working for some time?

It is possible, that some sporadic request fails, but there was no systematic outage in the last few hours (or days).
It might be that there was an issue with your Internet provider?

Thank you for your reply. I will have to check and observe the provider for some days. I hope that it resolves the problem. If i encounter an issue related to the service, I will let you know.
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