Setting CC Cloud Coverage to 0 does return same results as cc=10 or cc=30

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I have encountered in the past 3 weeks this issue: Cloud Coverage gives same results when set to: cc = 0, or cc = 10, or 20 or 30.

  • I tried using OGC: WMS, FIS requests and even cc = least cloud with Sentinel Requests for the same 50 polygons from 50 different locations(country wide spread) over a range of 4 years (2017-2020)
  • I have added the cc code in the python request, as well in the layer created under my profile on / Configuration Utility/ Create Layer…etc. …
  • indeed the polygons are quite small compared with the whole swath - though I have zoomed out and seen there is still quite a lot of cloud - so I doubt that I was so lucky to pick in 50 polygons (different location) that only 10% cloud - even so - ain’t 0% setting meant to work as well - just to return no cloud images?
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Just as a quick check, I’d suggest you open eo-browser, go to the location of interest, and search for available data (using 100% for cc). The responses do give you the cc numbers, so you can check how many actually have cc < 30%.

I believe that whole Sentinel-2 tile based cc metric is really bad when looking at a small area within the tile, so the third option does sound plausible to me.

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Thanks, Batic, for the quick reply.

Will consider your advice.

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