'sh_client_id' and 'sh_client_secret' have to be set in order to authenticate with Sentinel Hub service

I try to run scripts of eo-learn, using jupiter notebook and also pycharm.

Trying CloudMaskTask from GitHub - sentinel-hub/eo-learn-examples: Examples of Earth observation workflows that extract valuable information from satellite imagery, giving you hints and ideas how to use the EO data..
I get an error message with the following context at step "Run workflow:

In PyCharm the same error

But I created config.py with all IDs that i need to have, and also checked information using anaconda prompt - the information saved correctly.

Maybe somebody know how to fix this moment?


Hello Kateryna,

When you install the sentinelhub package, it comes with a “config.json” file. The best practice is to store your credentials in this file. Here is the link to a tutorial on how to set the configuration parameters. Please let me know if you still have some difficulties with it.


Yes, I`ve done this too using a tutorial that you wrote.
The problem is not fixed.
Maybe all of this because of trial free licence?

Here is more information about authentication. Having a free trial license should still give you access to the services. Could you please share the snippet of the code that is creating this error?

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