Show Imaginary Pleiades and SPOT data import


We have confirm order for Pleiades Data import for collection id.

We would like to show this Layer as WMS on our platform.

How can we achieve this one? How can we checked our interest area imaginary in EO browser?

We have follow this example using python script.

Do we also need to run python script of this “Pleiades data in a BYOC collection and process a truecolor image”?

Is there way we can access this order without passing the bbox through wms using collection id?



To view any layer as a WMS you will need to create a configuration in your Dashboard. You can do this with the Collection ID of your Pleaides data and an evalscript (e.g. True Color image). Then you will be able to view this in EO Browser. For more information, you can consult the documentation here.

To answer your second question, you can use Process API like you would with any other data collection. Alternatively, for 3rd Party Data Import, you can download the original product either from the Dashboard or programatically. More information about this can be found here.


I have created order but it’s not show it. see this screenshot.

Can you let me know what am i doing wrong in this?

I don’t understand, what is not being shown in the screenshot? I see a True Color image, what am I missing?

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