I have downloaded the latest docker version of eo-learn and are trying to run de example Jupyter notebooks. Right now I am running the CropTypeClassification - Workflow. When I am trying to run de Second EO-Workflow I get the following warning.

/usr/local/lib/python3.8/site-packages/sentinelhub/download/ SHRateLimitWarning: Download rate limit hit
warnings.warn(‘Download rate limit hit’, category=SHRateLimitWarning)

Is there a way to set the download rate limit to avoid this warning?


Hi @marcel

The CropTypeClassification Workflow does download rather a large amount of data, and the workflow there is not really “easy” on the number of (concurrent) requests it does to Sentinel Hub. As a result, you get the warnings you describe. We have increased the rate limits of your account temporarily, so that you can get more realistic experience.

Additionally, using Batch API (see for instance Scale-up your eo-learn workflow using Batch Processing API | by Maxim Lamare | Sentinel Hub Blog | Medium) in conjunction with eo-learn would help scaling up the processing.

Forgot to mention: to limit the amount of requests to the SH you are doing, please reduce the max_threads in the SentinelHubInputTask (e.g. to 1).

In case you are doing this on large scale (e.g. with EOExecutor), limiting the number of concurrent workers would also help.

Thanks Matej very much appreciate the fast response and explanation (and the increase of the rate limits :slight_smile: !

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