Simple WMS request stopped working

I made an R/shiny script (R-project) that combines user input to make a simple WMS request like the one below. It worked previously (like 3 month ago), but when I try it now, it only downloads a white image (independent of the place or band).
Does anyone see a (obvious) mistake in the request below?{my_ID_is_here}?REQUEST=GetMap&BBOX=9.25329010002538,47.4792290025708,9.81897552497462,47.0792290025708&CRS=CRS:84&PRIORITY=leastCC&LAYERS=TRUE_COLOR&MAXCC10&WIDTH=2500&HEIGHT=1768&FORMAT=image/jpeg&TIME=2019-01-01/2020-08-22

Could this be connected to the transition to V3 data?


Hi Jan,
it seems that you have AOI limits configured in your WMS instance:

And that the request you are making is outside of these.
If you click “Change bounds”, then “Clear” and then “Save”, you will clear this and request should be working again.
I created an instance on your account, called “Test without bounds”, so that you give it a try.

Thanks so much for your fast reply and pointing that out! That solved it :slight_smile: