Size limit of downloaded raster


Can the limit of 2500*2500 pixels for a downloadable raster be increased to cater to larger areas or is this the maximum size of downloadable raster offered by SentinelHub OGC api?


Large images become also heavy in volume, so not most suitable for synchronous use.
We recommend to use Asynchronous Process API

Currently i am using the ogc api via the WcsRequest with the exploration account. It has the 2500*2500 pixel limit for raster downloads. Upon upgrading the account is there also an increase in the size limit of downloadable raster?

You will need Enterprise-level subscription to use Async Process API or Batch Processing API, both of which are suitable for large area.
The WCS Request itself has 2500x2500px limit regardless of the subscription status.

I am currently working on an area of around 8 million hectares.
What are the benefits of Async Process API and Batch Processing API in regard to our area size?
And is their usage similar to WcsRequest of OGC API?


General usage is similar, but the API is asynchronous - you trigger the request and then wait until it is completed (typically minutes), then download it. You will also need AWS object storage to deliver the data to.
Best to check the documentation and the webinar, i.e.: