Slightly shifted cover geometries for Pléiades and SPOT data

Our current Third Party Data Import process sometimes produces slightly shifted cover geometries for Pléiades and SPOT data. This results in the top and left edges (1 pixel wide) of the requested area being treated as no data by Sentinel Hub. The original files, which you can also download from Sentinel Hub, are not affected by this.

We will correct this today, Monday 1 August. All Pléiades and SPOT orders placed after this date will have correct cover geometries.

On Wednesday, 3 August, we will correct the cover geometries for all existing Pléiades and SPOT data collections that have already been imported in Sentinel Hub. We will do this automatically and no action is required on your side. This is a negligible change and most users probably won’t even notice it. However, you may get slightly different results (i.e. more data pixels) when requesting data from these collections.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

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