Slope map or bump map

Where i can get slope map or bump map ?

Through our services you can access Digital Elevation Model (DEM) data, as described in the dedicated documentation page.

Sentinel Hub supports Mapzen’s DEM, based on a variety of sources as well as Copernicus DEM at 30m and 90m resolution.

We only provide DEMs, with units that equal elevation. In order to obtain a slope or a hillshade (if I understand “bump” correctly) product, you would have to calculate these derived products yourself based on the DEM raster that you obtain.

How to calculate these products depends on the tools you use. There are existing algorithms in GIS tools such as QGIS that are easy to use. If you are working in Python, it is also possible to find existing code that does the job. For example you can find a snippet that calculates slopes in one of my models here, but there are many other pieces of code that do the job…