Slow response for PlanetScope imagery

Dear SentinelHub team @gmilcinski,

From last week, we are suffering a slow response when asking for PlanetScope images. Before, it took us 1-3 seconds to represent the NDVI image of a small AOI. Now it takes more than 15 seconds for the same AOI. We didn’t change anything from our side. The only thing is that we bought much more Tier2 packages and we ordered much more geometries in the same collection. Could you tell me if there is something from your side that we don’t know?

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Hm, nothing specific changed on our side.
Can you provide an example of the request that takes a long time? (make sure to remove second half of the instance ID)

Here you have the request:,+-8.588902097067193+-78.63401259229221,+-8.591013843814016+-78.6333811386081,+-8.589937267041119+-78.62985120899698,+-8.587846223693786+-78.63044125588213))&BBOX=-8.591013843814016,-78.63401259229221,-8.587846223693786,-78.62985120899698&FORMAT=image/png&CRS=EPSG:4326&WIDTH=512&HEIGHT=387&REQUEST=GetMap&VERSION=1.3.0&LAYERS=NATURAL-COLOUR-PLANET&TIME=2022-08-06

It took around 28 seconds. It’s happening with all our AOIs.

In short, you should ensure that TIME request is set with actual limit, i.e TIME=2022-08-02/2022-08-02.
Check this request

A bit longer explanation:

  • if you pass the TIME parameter with just one date (TIME=2022-08-06), our service will try to automatically fill the area using the data going few months back in time (“up to 2022-08-06” in your case).
  • with PlanetScope and its high cadence (often several observations per day) this can be a lot of images, especially if you are on the border of specific Planet orbit. In the case of this specific request, we have to load 420 observations to fill the image. And this simply takes time, albeit it does probably add no value in your case.
  • therefore, do use much shorter intervals. Ideally one day long, or a few days.

Hi @gmilcinski ,

Thank you very much for your answer we will change the request in that way.

Anyway just for let you know, with the request I sent you it worked fast until last week. That’s why it was so strange from our side.


In case the satellite image fills your geometry fully, then there are no problems - it loads fast. However, if there is one pixel missing, our service will go back in time… So it might be that the last available image is having one pixel missing…

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