Some Sentinel-2 L2A images don't have internal georeference info


Some Sentinel-2 L2A images on AWS S3 do not have internal georeference GML box (‘asoc’ box in JPEG2000 file). Thus GDAL cannot process such images correctly, and this brakes the generic workflow :frowning:
Here’s an example of such a file:

On the screenshot I compared the internal structure of the Sentinel-2 L1C and L2A image files. The script I used to parse jp2 files ).

How do you handle this problem?
Are those files listed somewhere? so I could use the list to skip “broken” images


In general we recommend to notify EO Support office of ESA/Copernicus about these things to try to solve the problem at the source.
At Sentinel Hub we managed to work around this problem (I see the data in EO Browser) but I do unfortunately not know the technical details on what was done.

Note that JP2 files (raw data) are not changed in the ingestion process at all.