Some Sentinel-2 L2A images missing


Hi, I am wondering why some of the images that are available as L1C are not available as L2A. For example tile 34VFN has 23 images for August 2017 as L1C, but only 8 images as L2A. Is it possible to access those missing images somehow?

Thank you,


Hi Joona,

on AWS public bucket we keep the data, which were processed by ESA. What I am guessing might be an issue here is that ESA was not processing Sentinel-2B data until about December 2017.
If you can find some L2A data available on Copernicus OpenHub but not also on AWS archive, please send us the product ID.



Thank you for the fast reply. I checked out few of the images and that seems to be the case indeed. I guess I have to process the Sentinel-2B images by myself.