"Something Went Wrong" When Ordering

I am attempting to order 3rd party data through Planet Scope. Every time that I click on “Confirm Order” in the Created Orders section, a Red box pops up at the top of my screen saying “Something Went Wrong”. Please Help!

HI @hccardwell,

it seems you are trying to order data in United States (Tier 1), whereas you purchased the quota for Tier 3. When purchasing the quota, you can find a list of countries, covered under individual tier.


Thank you, that helps. Is there anyway to get a refund on my Planet Scope subscription. I ordered the wrong thing and I need to switch to Airbus.

No, unfortunately not. The order was already passed to Planet.

Is it possible to upgrade the account to the Tier 1 just by paying the difference in cost? Or am I going to have to buy a the Tier 1 separately and pay for both?

This is possible.
We’ve configured an upgrade quote on your account: