South Pacific submarine volcanic activity on SENTINEL

I’d like to view a Sentinel image of the point 28.97°S, 140.25°W, between July,31 and Aug., 14, 2022.
This is the place of a submarine volcano which was in activity. On MODIS image, a large patch of discoloured water is visible, but I wish a better resolution.

This area is not available on Sentinel hub browser.



Hi Olivier,

Indeed, I don’t think that there is any high resolution imagery available for this precise location. I’m not sure which date you identified the discoloured water but you could also inspect data from the Sentinel-3 data collections. This is a similar EO platform to MODIS, but the resolution is 300-500m.

Unfortunately, due to the very remote location of your point of interest, no high resolution satellite imagery will be collected here unless it has been specifically tasked.

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