Specify size of date overlay

When using WMS to retrieve 512x512 tiles for Retina (iPhone) screens, with the DATE layer overlay, the dates are microscopically small and unreadable. Try shrinking down this screenshot to 15cm tall and you’ll see how tiny it is. These dates are extremely useful for users to know the date of the imagery (in my case, mountain snow cover). Can the date overlay text either be made larger, in proportion to the tile size, or could its vertical size be made an option?

Hi Andrew,
this is for the moment not possible, sorry about that.
You can however get the information about the date in other ways as well and then visualizing this to your users in the best possible size:

Thanks–having to make twice the number of requests in order to make the date larger is less than ideal, but it might work.

Would each WFS request count towards my monthly quota, effectively cutting it in half? And how many “processing units” would the WFS request consume? (https://docs.sentinel-hub.com/api/latest/#/API/processing_unit)

Hi Anfrew,
WFS request (as well as WMS GetFeature request) are currently not costing any processing units. In the future we might start tracking these as well, but it will be orders of magnitude less than normal WMS/WCS request (e.g. 100 or 1000 times less).
So you can implement this without a fear of double consumption.

That makes sense that WFS requests are cheap. But do they count toward the monthly quota of total requests (https://sentinel-hub.com/pricing-plans), and the requests per minute count? A mobile client could very easily generate over 5 requests per second when downloading a screenful of tiles, especially if each one counts twice (one for WMS, one for WFS).

They technically do, but in case these will cause problems in your rate limits, we can increase these on your account. That being said, if you will be using 512x512px tiles (as recommended) you will have a couple of these and one WFS call, so there should be no problems.