STAC Sentinel-2 L1C is not Updated

Hi, I am performing a query to search for Sentinel-2 L1C images in a collection managed by Sinergise and I utilize the STAC catalog linked below:

Why is the STAC catalog updated for L2A scenes but NOT L1C?? The last image for L1C is Tue, 08 Jun 2021 03:10:06 GMT.

See link for S2A:

Hi @bryan.eder,
please note that Element84 is managing these two specific collections.

We manage the core replication of data to AWS, to eu-central-1.
You can use Sentinel Hub Catalog API (also STAC compliant) to search for these:

Thanks for the prompt reply and correction. Is there a monetary charge to access the Sentinel Hub Catalog API?

Sentinel Hub Catalog API is one of the Sentinel Hub services, which require a subscription