Statistical API and available date


Hi !
I’m using statistical API to get NDVI stats on blocks.
But in the results, there are not as many dates as expected between the 2 dates in the request (2018-01-01 & 2018-12-18).
For which reason? clouds?

Extra answer: I’m using a L1C layer. Would the results be better with L2A now that it is available worldwide?


I notice MAXCC=5 in your request. Change this to MAXCC=100 to get all the scenes. This metadata cloud filtering is applied for selection of scenes on which FIS will be run.
L2A should generally privide more uniform NDVI values over time.


So, if I well understand MAXCC will perform a filter on full satellite tile? Not on my AOI, that’s right?


Yes, that is correct. The MAXCC filters cloud coverage based on metadata from the Sentinel-2 scene (full tile).


Will L2A be calculated for old worlwide images?
And is there data available before 2018-03-31 with Statistical API? I couldn’t request them.


There is currently no plan for ESA to process old data so I would not expect it to happen in the next year.
We could process this on our side, but it comes as an additional cost.

There are data available since August 2015 (L1C) and March 2017 (L2A, only Europe). Statistical API should work for older dates as well, please post a request here so that we check.


Oh ok that’s why!
I was requesting for L2A before March 2017. I need to make a temporal analysis on 3 years. I’ll reuse L1C.