Statistical API returning "Too many execution errors."

Hey. I have a problem when using statistical API for geometries at a 2 week time span. I get a lot of empty answers since it’s pretty cloudy. However I get a hit every now and then. I got about 200 different areas i check for new statlists. I get alot of this error in the process:

status: 500,
reason: ‘Internal Server Error’,
message: ‘Too many execution errors.’,

Is there a better way to check for new dates for geometries than statistical API or what is the problem here? I added a 1 sec timeout after every post to Statistical API, but I still get this error pretty often. Got any advice?

In the future I will be having thousands of areas to check, at some point, so the service should work like the water closet of a train.

Thank you in advance.

Thanks for flagging this error, we are looking into it and working on a fix for this. We will update here once it is fixed.

UPDATE: the issue has now been fixed.

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