Statistical API - Sentinel-5P L2


Im trying to use the Statistical API to analyse Sentinel-5P data (CH4). Can you let me know if this dataset is available to access via this API and give me some advice on how this is approached.

Many Thanks


Hi Steven,

no, this is not yet possible. Statistical API is currently available only for the data at AWS eu-central deployment.
We do plan to enable it also at other deployments but we can not yet say when this will be available.

That said, there is a very similar functionality available, called “Feature info service”, which is working on CreoDIAS as well:

An example of a request (replace the instance ID with yours):<INSTANCE_ID>?LAYER=CH4&TIME=2021-04-01%2F2021-05-01&GEOMETRY=POLYGON%20((41.705429%2015.232544,%2041.701327%2015.446777,%2041.611016%2015.446777,%2041.602799%2015.276489,%2041.705429%2015.232544))&CRS=EPSG:4326&RESOLUTION=3500m

Be aware that CH4 (and S5P in general) is a complex collection with lots of “no data” values.

Hi this is odd as the APi reference states the following:

"Array of S2L1C (object) or S2L2A (object) or L8L1C (object) or LOTL1 (object) or LOTL2 (object) or LTML1 (object) or LTML2 (object) or MODIS (object) or DEM (object) or S1GRD (object) or S3OLCI (object) or S3SLSTR (object) or S5PL2 (object) or BYOC / BATCH (object) (ProcessRequestInputData) non-empty
The collections you wish to request, along with certain processing and filtering parameters. To learn how to request and work with multiple collection, check the “Data Fusion” page in our documentation"


Indeed, it seems the documentation is more advance than the deployed services, sorry about that. As mentioned, the Statistical API will come to this end-point as well, soon.