Statistical API vs Processing API

Dear all:

Firstly I would like to give some context. Currently I’m getting an image with the percentiles of the images for a month through the Catalog Api and the processing API. I manage the images as arrays and in the end I get a 2D array where each pixel (i,j) is the percentile of all the images of that position (i,j) for that month.

I have checked the Statistical API, I have managed to get the statistics by area and period of time, but it returns a single number (statistic) for that area of interest and time range. Is there any way to retrieve the statistic for that area and period like an image or array? Can Statistic API do so?

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Statistical API will always only return a JSON format response containing the statistics for that particular area. It cannot return an an image as this is not the purpose of this API, it’s purpose is to enable you to access statistics without downloading the imagery.

You can still create statistical orientated results from Process API, such as this example which derives the maximum NDVI value over a monthly period.

@william.ray thanks for your answer. I found the example very helpful.