Statistical Info and Custom Index or Scripts

Good morning,
Could you help me on a technical request ?
When I use the command [Visualize / Custom / Index] (for example A : B08 and B : B04) or the command [Visualize / Custom / Custom Script] with a related script, it seems that the Statistical Info disables the functionality of the choice of the cloud rate and it gives three different type of results (C0, C1, C2). For each of these parameters, the median and P10, P90 are not available.

Is there a mean to get back the functionality of choosing the cloud rate and the missing measurements (median, P10, P90)?
What is the definition of the results C0, C1, C2 ?

Thank you for your answer and the time spent on these questions,

I am guessing that your custom script is set for visualisation. So C0, C1 and C2 represent RED, GREEN and BLUE color elements.
You need to modify your script so that it will be returning only index value.

Hi Grega,
Thank you for your answer. I will try to modify the script, despite the fact I’m a total beginner on Java programming.