Statistical Info API not returning Data

Hello team,

I’m trying to fetch statistical information trough the javascript SDK or a POSTMAN request but is not retrieving any data.

I read in the documentation that FIS only works in instances that don’t enforce image types other than 32 bit RAW. My instance configuration is the following

@id”: “”,
“id”: “3a40858f-2cd1-MASKED”,
“name”: “corteva-sentinel-service-imagery-agro”,
“userId”: “8ebac139-a1e2-MASKED”,
“domainAccountId”: “ffd631fd-2aff-MASKED”,
“additionalData”: {
“showWarnings”: false,
“showLogo”: false,
“imageQuality”: 100,
“disabled”: false
“created”: “2020-11-09T18:11:03.552Z”,
“userData”: {}

I don’t know is the absence of “forceFormat” property is enough but in any case when I add the property and click save the configuration don’t persist.

I am not sure, what exactly you are trying to do and how, but I created an exemplary NDVI_VALUE layer in this instance so that you can give it a try:
(make sure to replace the instance with the full ID),5586056.25,1547498.69,5584861.92&RESOLUTION=10&MAXCC=5