Statistics API - HTTP Error 500

We have been trying to run requests against the statistical API using the python SDK, however are running into errors (status 500) as per below.


In the request builder I am also getting similar errors. “Something went wrong” is shown on the top left, and the below is in the dev console.

I am requesting stats for 2 months for 6 bands (aggregation 1D), as well as the histogram and percentiles (10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90) for each. Is this too much to handle?

Has anyone experienced something similar, and could this be related to the size of the request made?

Hi @jens.hiestermann,
making a Statistical API request over two months should in general not be an issue - we have cases order of magnitude larger.
Might it be that there was just a temporary instability of the service?
If you are still experiencing these issues, in larger amounts, can you share an example of a request here, so that we can try to replicate it?

Hi @jens.hiestermann , we sent you an edited request example in a response to your mail.

I created a subscription for planetscope with dates between 2022-10-01 and 2023-05-30, it works with dates after 2023_01_01, but with dates between 2022-10-01 and 2022-12-31 it shows the same error

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