Statistics API results have gaps more than 10 - 15 days long

I am using Statistics API to retrieve polygon’s information, we are expecting API to return data atleast in the gap of 5-7 days but we have noticed that for certain lands, it’s not returning data for more than 15 days. We need accuracy at 5% cloud cover.


The API response is quite crucial for us in order to do further analysis on our application. Can any one please advise or guide me how the API is intended to respond OR is it a bug itself?

If I get it right, you are requesting time-series over specific areas, filtering to 5% cloud coverage? In that case, it is unfortunately expected sometimes to be longer gaps. Our planet is cloudy, and Sentinel-2 takes data every 5 days (depending on where you are, you might be lucky and get it in shorter periods, due to orbit overlaps), so if there are clouds on the date of observation, there is simply no data.

You might want to try PlanetScope data, which is taken daily, so chances of clear observations are waaay higher.

Thank you for quick response. Yes, you are right. I am requesting time-series over specific area, however. I am trying 5%, 10% and 20% all three cloud cover and try to get an answer. Even with 20% as well for some of the areas, it returns last response date as 14th December.

What if you try with 100% cloud cover?

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