Strange features in Sentinel-2 true colour EO Browser

Hi everyone,

Since the EO Browser update several months ago I’ve noticed strange features in the Sentinel-2 true colour imagery - see attached example image, yellow oval indicates the features. I’ve tried various custom scripts but I can’t seem to fully remove these types of things. Does anyone know what causes them and how is best to get rid of them?


Hey @youstormorg

I took a look at what you describe (e.g. here) and saw that the described features are only present in the L2A data. They are however also present in the raw data, so it’s nothing happening in EO Browser. I suspect therefore that it’s some glitch of how the data is processed by ESA from L1C to L2A. It looks to me that they appear in cloudy areas and/or in shadows of mountains.

Unfortunately I don’t have an idea of how to better deal with them in a custom script but maybe someone else has an idea?

Depending on what you want to do with it, it might be that the L1C data is also sufficient.


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Hi @dthiex ,

Thanks a lot for your response! Oh I see what you mean the L1C does not appear to have these features. I’ll experiment more with that. Maybe these are due to “atmospheric correction” in L2A?