Sudden increase in SNS Notifications for SentinelS2L2A topic


I work with aggregating satellite imagery for multiple fields globally, so we have an SQS queue subscribed to the SentinelS2L2A topic (Sentinel-2 - Registry of Open Data on AWS) so that we can check any new images for intersections with our monitored fields.

Recently, we noticed a substantial increase in the number of intersections when compared to previous months. After checking our metrics we realized that our SQS Queue subscribed to the SentinelS2L2A topic has been showing some irregular behavior.

For the past 3 months, we can see that behavior was mostly consistent. Receiving around 8k - 13k messages daily. Since June 19th, however, this number started to increase, reaching almost 330k on June 29th. This behavior has still not normalized.

Any ideas what might be causing this sudden increase?

We checked if it was any problem on our side, but the queues from other environments all show the same number, so the increase seems to be coming straight from the Sentinel SNS.

Here’s the report for the past 15 months, just to emphasize how consistent it usually is, when compared to the past few days:

ESA is reprocessing Sentinel-2 data to Collection 1 and these are ingested to AWS, see

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