Tasking imagery


I am interested in tasking weekly images from Pleiades or SPOT.

Can I task acquisitions through Sentinel Hub?

Hi Joseph,
we do not support tasking automatically yet, but we are happy to coordinate the tasking orders with Airbus and then ensure the data is ingested to Sentinel Hub for you to use.
Do contact us with a specific request if interesting.

Thanks for the reply.

Then, I would like to task a daily acquisition of a specific area. Should I contact you by email to explain the request?

Another question. Is there an extra price for this service or I only have to pay for the Pleiades package to acquire this new images?

Yes, please send us an e-mail with specific information.
Tasking has completely different pricing structure as the costs involved are significantly higher:

  • there is a minimum order size (homogenous area) of 100km2 for Pleiades (50km2 for continuous tasking)
  • the cost per km2 is higher, depending on how challenging the request